4 Tips to Get New Clients for Your Interior Design Company

Posted on January 26, 2023

Finding your first interior design client is an extremely thrilling experience as a new business owner. Nothing feels more amazing than when someone entrusts you with their resources, dreams, and time to renovate their home. However, there are many challenges when it comes to getting more clients in the interior designing field—increasing competition, handling marketing and new projects simultaneously, and minimal brand recognition can make things difficult.

From building partnerships to hiring a commercial and architectural photographer, here’s how you can get started with growing your interior design company:

Ask for help in your network

If you have someone in your professional or personal network who’s building a new home or renovating their existing one, you can ask them for referrals and provide discounted prices to get some clients to build up your base. Don’t hesitate to tell your very first clients that you’re providing a limited-time discount to earn referrals and build your portfolio.

Build partnerships

Building partnerships with people and companies working with your target group of ideal clients can help you get a steady work stream. People you can build relationships with include architects, builders, handymen, painters, furniture suppliers, and other interior designers. Partnership referrals are extremely handy for getting new interior design clients since they’re pre-qualified. There’s a higher chance of them turning into paying customers since your partner has already built a relationship of rapport and trust.

Use social media

Social media marketing is an essential tactic for gaining more interior design clients because they help you share your work and interact with your clients on a one-on-one basis. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are extremely valuable since potential clients often use them as mood boards while they look for interior design inspirations on the internet.

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Hire an interior design shoot expert

One of the best ways to get more interior design clients is to hire an architectural photographer who can capture the ideas and thought processes behind your creations in their photographs. You need high-quality pictures to add to your portfolio and show potential clients what you can do. If you’re looking for someone to take dynamic pictures of your interior design, Philip Castleton can help you out! He provides a wide range of photography services, including architectural photography, construction photography, and industrial photography.

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