5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Photographer in Toronto

Posted on November 15, 2019


Photographs help you capture cherished memories to last a lifetime. You will invariably hire the services of a professional photographer when the occasion demands the intervention of experienced hands. Considering the fees, you need to part with; you have every right to expect a valuable return on your investment. The click of a camera shutter is for keeps as special moments are hard to recreate.

The process of elimination leads you to the best professional photography in Toronto. Consider these five crucial questions to sift the amateurs from the professionals:

What is Your Speciality?

A professional photographer can only serve your purpose when their area of expertise perfectly matches your needs. Different events demand a distinctive style of photography. To shoot a live event requires attention to detail, constant movement, and presence of mind. A product shoot, on the other hand involving inanimate objects, requires an entirely different approach.

Reviewing the photographer’s portfolio is the ideal way to scan through their best work. Professional photographers are equipped with an online portfolio by way of a social media page, blog, or website. View their compilation of photographs from an event previously covered, similar to your current requirement.

What Are Your Fees?

You must gauge whether you can afford the photographer you intend to hire or not. Some may charge by the hour or may quote a flat fee for the entire project. You also need to understand the different aspects included in the actual price to rule out any hidden costs. Get clarity on whether you have to pay extra for editing the photographs and support staff deployed. At the very outset, also ask for details on the terms of payment.

Can We Sign a Contract?

A written agreement protects you, the client, as well as the service provider. Relevant clauses covering rights, timelines, payments, policies, and insurance coverage must be enumerated in such a legal document. Sign it before the work commences to safeguard interests on all fronts.

May I Contact Your References?

Those indulging in serious professional photography in Toronto will always volunteer to share references of satisfied clients. Referees act as excellent marketing tools for talented photographers. When you speak to those recommended clients, seek finer details of their overall experience with the photographer in question.

Is There Any Restriction on Use of Images Captured?

Typically a professional photographer retains the copyright of the images clicked. Photographers may grant you the license to use their pictures, especially for commercial purposes, against a corresponding fee. Beware of copyright violations as they prove very expensive and drag you into an avoidable mess.

Photography is an art, and every photographer lends their personal touch to each frame shot. Do your groundwork and choose wisely to benefit from the results.

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