5 Ways to Find the Best Photographer for Your Corporate Event

Posted on November 15, 2019


Corporate socializing is the path forward when it comes to engaging with staff, clients, and stakeholders. Corporations plan these events well in advance and in much detail. The venue, entertainment, and the caterers are booked weeks ahead.


So much meticulous planning calls for the event to be remembered for years. Here is where professional photography in Toronto can help you. Follow these tips to find the best photographer for your corporate event.

Conduct Interviews

Because there are so many options available, it can be overwhelming to shortlist a single photographer for the event. So, it would help if you interview them about their experience, skills, and of course, prices. You can also ask them if they are insured, require a contract; require assistance from you, and equipment they will be using. These are points that can help you make a decision.

Ask for References

Always ask references and samples of previous work. There is nothing better than a customer to bear testimony for the photographer’s work. It will instil confidence in you about the professionalism of the photographer. Previous work samples will tell you about the photographer’s skills and creativity.

You can also check the other non-corporate event photos of the photographer to know how they work in different situations. You need a photographer who can cover just about anything and anyone. After all, a corporate event will have a lot of guests.

Visit the Venue with Them

You should visit the event venue with the photographer. This will allow them to get the feel of the place, discussing the specifics such as seating arrangements, the layout of the venue, activities planned, and the stage.

A visit on the day of the event is also critical as the photographer will get a good feel of the place when it is laid out for the event. Professional photography in Toronto makes sure that the photographer covering the event gets to know the place in advance to get the best results.

Discuss the Main Guests

Discussing the main guests of the event will help the photographer know what to focus on. While all guests are covered, you would probably want the guest of honour to be extensively covered.

Discuss the Outcome of the Event

Let the photographer know the purpose of the event, who will be attending, and the expected outcome. This will ensure that they cover the event so that all these talking points are covered. For example, if your company is organizing a green drive, you want the photographer to cover the parts where trees are planted.

While corporate events last anywhere between a few hours to a few days, they are a topic of discussions for years. You want this discussion to be in favour of your business, and having a professional photographer cover the event will guarantee this.

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