Why Drone Photography Is A Must For Architectural Marketing This Year

Posted on April 7, 2023

Owing to the increase in demand across various industries, the drone camera market generated almost $30 billion in revenue last year. In the next decade, it’s expected that the sales of drones will more than double and cross the $90 billion mark.

These numbers are evidence of the growing popularity of aerial drone photography that has swooned away various businesses. From real estate to hospitality, entertainment, and healthcare emergency providers, numerous businesses use drone photography in multiple ways.

The architectural industry is no different, as many firms now opt for drone photography of architectural buildings to better market their projects. If you’re yet to use drone cameras in your firm, then here are some reasons to immediately get to it.

It’s Affordable

Earlier, if a business wanted to enjoy bird-eye view photography of its architecture, it had to hire helicopters and photographers to get the job done. It was a cost-intensive model that sometimes yielded mediocre-level photographs due to certain limitations. With drones, businesses of all sizes can now enjoy affordable aerial photography.

It Saves Time and Hassle

Sending an architectural photographer in a helicopter was not only costly, but it was also time-consuming and inconvenient practice. Drone photography allows your architectural firm to avoid all those hassles and quickly get the most top-notch photographs of your buildings at affordable prices.

Aerial view of a road in Canada

It Brings Architecture to Life

Architectural photography isn’t simple or easy. But skilled architectural photographers use drone cameras tactfully and use their creativity to bring buildings to life. Now you can upstage your residential and commercial architectural projects with the help of aerial drone photography.

It Gives a Competitive Advantage

While your competitors continue to use traditional commercial photography, drone photography can help you gain a competitive advantage. Stand out with your marketing and a fresh perspective on images with the help of drone cameras.

It Adds Versatility to Images

Because drone cameras can be used in so many ways, it helps architectural firms produce versatile photographs of their projects. This is essential in the highly competitive architectural industry of Canada, that’s full of firms accelerating their marketing efforts in 2023.

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