Five Mistakes Interior Designers Make When Marketing Their Business

Posted on April 10, 2023

Valued at around $108 billion in 2021, the global interior design market is showcasing a great boom. This is because a vast majority of commercial and residential property owners are keen to aesthetically boost their premises by hiring skilled interior designers.

But despite the boom and potential in the interior design industry, many designers continue to struggle to attract clients and grow their businesses. We believe it’s because of interior designers’ mistakes when promoting themselves.

From hiring a skilled business photographer to participating in public relations events, there are many ways to boost an interior design business with correct marketing. But if you’re making the following mistakes, you may face the consequences.

Find out what mistakes you’re making as an interior designer holding your business back.

Not Setting Up a Website

It’s 2023, and having a website is a no-brainer. So if you think your interior design business can make do without an online presence, you will regret this costly mistake. The majority of businesses are online already, and it’s only sensible if your interior design business starts building its website right away.

Not Photographing Your Work

Many interior design businesses overlook the importance of interior design photoshoots. And it’s surely a huge marketing mistake. Make sure you’re photographing at least 60 percent of your good work to showcase your skillset to potential customers.

An interior design photo of a bedroom

Or Relying on Unprofessional Photographs

But are you going to take unprofessional photographs from your mobile phone and upload them on your website? This is another mistake that will damage your interior design business’s marketing. Make sure to hire a skilled commercial photographer to take photographs of your interior design projects for better marketing.

Avoiding Public Relations Initiatives

Another mistake some interior designers make is staying at their desks. You need to go out and meet new people to expand your clientele, and investing in PR initiatives such as corporate events is a great way to do it. Exhibit your work to the world!

Not Using Social Media to Expand

37 percent of customers are going to use your product/service if you’re on social media. So if your interior design business is yet to have a social media handle, it’s about time you get to the task!

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