Martinrae shoot

Posted on January 25, 2017

Robotic welder at Martinrae Automotive, Toronto    Robotic welder at Martinrae Automotive, Toronto    Automotive stamping press at Martinrae Automotive industrial plant, Toronto    Auto body parts at Martinrae Automotive, Toronto

A change from interior design assignments,doing an Industrial shoot at Martinrae International last week, an auto parts manufacturing plant capturing images for their new website, approx 200 shots in a 3 hour period compared to 12 for a typical interior design shoot. To maintain a constant flow of high quality shots one relies on good instincts, experience and being well prepared, with competent direction from Sala Scarcello the Martinrae representative. As industrial settings go it was neat and clean which helps with the final impression, ambient lighting was very good . A scissor lift was available to get some high viewpoints which is essential in such large plants.

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