Six Questions to Ask a Commercial Photographer Before Getting Them Onboard

Posted on September 7, 2022

Commercial Photographer

The market is replete with good shooters. Still, the daunting task is to choose one of them. Every image may catch your eye, but you must ensure the work matches the visual standards you have set.

When it comes to commercial photography, you have to choose a professional. You will run into a few amateurs, and others that are doing a stellar job. The question is – How do you hire the right commercial photographer for the job at hand?

Before appointing a commercial photographer in Toronto, you must ask them a few pertinent questions. This quick post will share the six questions to ask a commercial photographer before getting them on board.

#1 What would be the fee and usage rights? Is there any limitation?

Now, those are two questions. But some photographers let you use the photographs they shoot for a long time.

You need to discuss the usage rights before signing the contract. If you don’t discuss this, you will have more expenses down the road.

#2 Do you have a work portfolio?

If the photographer is experienced, they will have a portfolio to show you. The good ones have an official website that helps you see the photographer’s work.

A photographer will be able to give you at least three references who can also attest to how good the photographer is.

#3 Do you understand the purpose of the photographs?

A professional commercial photographer will be able to capture the purpose and essence of the image. Creating a checklist of what you want from the photographs is best.

Whether architectural shots or product shots, the commercial photographer will be able to capture the true essence of the object.

#4 Can you submit the photographs within a specified deadline?

The commercial photographer should be able to provide the photographs within a specific deadline. This includes the edited shots.

Ask them about the timeline and then get into a contract.

Before hiring, you should also discuss the budget and other terms and conditions.

#5 Is there any hidden fee?

In case there is any hidden fee, you should know about it. The commercial photographer should not hide any photography-related fees in the beginning.

Speak to them before hiring them for the project.

#6 How many images will you provide?

Professional photographers take about 4 to 5 times as many photographs as required to be sure they have captured exactly what you need.

They will also experiment with different shots to create a unique shot. It may be better than what you asked for! Working with commercial photographers puts your mind in a stress-free zone.

So, make sure you get the best commercial photographer onboard. These commercial photographers will have a portfolio and might do very few headshots.

Ask them all the relevant questions and interview as many commercial photographers as possible. Don’t go for the cheapest one because commercial photography requires precision.

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