Tips For A Successful Corporate Photoshoot

Posted on November 14, 2019


Corporate portraits have now become an integral part of boosting the brand’s image. These images help to humanize your business and set a visual tone for your company’s identity. Corporate photography often involves corporate headshots and corporate event photography. Here is a look into how you can make your corporate photography event a grand success.

Different Types Of Portraits

Editorial Portrait

These headshots are often captured within the workplace. Commercial photography in Toronto uses an original and creative approach in capturing these images. Using the client’s work environment enables the photographer to show information about the subject’s business and the subject’s character . Editorial headshots are used for magazines and online publishing requirements.

Professional Portrait

Professional headshots focus purely on the subject. Large companies use these images for introducing their employees for social media sites and as a profile picture on CVs.

How To Get The Best Corporate Headshots?

Commercial photography in Toronto suggests a few tried and tested tips for getting the best out of your corporate portraiture.


Getting the perfect corporate headshot is highly dependent on good body language. Your posture needs to convey confidence, assertiveness, authority, and self-control. These are the essential qualities that display your business authority.

Most times, corporate headshots deal with high-level executives who expect these qualities to be brought forward in their shoot. Encourage your employees to sit tall or stand. An inflated posture like having your hand around the waist or flaring out the elbows make for an excellent posture. A forward and backward tilt is another factor for consideration.

A forward lean may indicate approachability, assertiveness and hence gives you a perfect picture. A backward tilt, on the other hand, will convey the exact opposite. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid such postures during the photoshoot.

What to Wear

For men, it is recommended to pick a dark-colored suit, such as navy blue or grey. Stay away from bold colors, patterns, and shiny ties that make you look unprofessional and detract attention from your face. A tie can be replaced with a jacket, sweatshirt, or other layered clothing for grooming your look.

Women are also advised to pick a classic office-wear outfit or a professional suit. Distracting patterns, no matter the level of color pops, must be avoided. It is also recommended to avoid short sleeves since it distracts viewer attention and may look unprofessional. You can complement the outfit with any classic jewelry. Again, avoid opting for anything too flashy or blingy.

However, remember that there are no standard rules on what to wear for a corporate shoot. Your attire must reflect the standards and values propagated by your company.


Opting for a makeup artist is entirely your decision. However, ensure that your makeup does not overpower your face in the pictures. Corporate headshots produce crystal clear images that pick up clumps of makeup. So, you may want exercise caution about going heavy on your makeup as well.

Corporate photography is necessary to portray the right image of your company. When correctly done, it conveys the right message and helps to gain customer confidence. Keeping these essential pointers in mind will surely help you achieve a successful corporate photoshoot.

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