Understanding the Process of Commercial Photography

Posted on May 30, 2019

Commercial Photography

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photographer can conjure up those beautiful images that seem always to evade you? Well, here is a complete picture on how a commercial photoshoot is done.

The Quotation Request

The process begins with a quotation request from the business entities. The quotation email can include details like the date of the shoot, the number of images, date of launch or deadline, visual reference or the layout for the images, usage terms, and any other miscellaneous requirement like studio equipment, stylist, and makeup.

This request will help your commercial photographer to determine his/her availability and commit on the number f days required for production. Other things like a casting director, location scout may be required depending on the complexity and scale of the shoot

Creative Vision and Shot Definition

With professional photography in Toronto, there will be no delays in determining the full collection of photographs to be captured. A commercial photographer will also discuss the creative approach that he/she wishes to implement in capturing the business sentiments. Sometimes, companies can have their own creative team. Nevertheless, commercial photographers are adept at working in collaboration with teams as well.

The time duration for this step depends on the complexity of the project. Complex projects tend to consume more time in this step. However, you will undoubtedly be impressed with the final result that will give you an insight into the final deliverables.

Timeline and Shoot Preparation

Commercial photographers understand that time is money. Hence maintaining timelines is an essential aspect for both businesses and photographers. When you opt for a professional photography in Toronto, there is often a long checklist involved – shoot equipment, shoot location, and other set and staging requirements. Depending on your project, thorough preparation is needed on all or some aspects of these checklist items.

Pre-Production Meetings

Now that you have confirmed your call time, makeup team, shortlisted and cast models, it is time to go for a pre-production meeting. Here, your commercial photographer will discuss ideas and shooting schedules with the creative team. These meetings are necessary because it makes sure that everyone is updated and any conflicts can be resolved immediately.

The Shoot

This is your big day! Your photographer will arrive at the location on time and begin with the shoot. At the end of the shoot or even in between, you may select and shortlist images. You can go over the images with the photographer and revise your selection as well. It is a team project, after all!

Final Delivery

The final images you select will undergo a digital post-production touch up. You will also receive help in handling these digital files for different target outputs. This may include considering file size requirements and digital file formats.

Commercial photography is a systematic process that is sure to attract a larger audience for your brand. The final output from this process is high-quality images that can be used in a wide range of advertisement placements.

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