About Philip Castleton


Philip Castleton is an award winning commercial and architectural photographer, based in Toronto, ON. Philip offers photographic services for corporations, businesses, architects, real estate, interior designers, construction professionals and the hospitality sector.

His images are typically used for web sites, marketing presentations, public relations initiatives, corporate communications and editorial purposes. They are featured in annual reports and seen in offices, exhibitions, newspapers, brochures and magazines.

“Our mission is to interpret the objectives of our clients in a way that ensures that these goals are optimally realized. We aim to surprise and delight the viewer by interpreting a situation in a way you may never have considered before; accordingly each photographic assignment is approached with imagination, enthusiasm and attention to detail.”

Our Goals

People seek, and are influenced by, dynamic images that have an immediate and lasting impact. Our goal is to provide top notch photographs that not only meet each individual client’s aesthetic and budgetary requirements, but also enable the client to market the firm’s expertise more effectively with outstanding professional presentations and strong marketing collateral.

Philip understands the client’s desire to be dealing with a person who is competent and dependable, predictable and focused, a team player who sees the whole picture, committed to fostering long term rewarding collaborations. Philip’s formula to a successful business relationship is simple – ‘Do what is promised, deliver the best work possible, on budget, on time. Period.’

Philip’s proven track record of excellence in delivery has earned him a high percentage of repeat clients.
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Residential architectural interior- living room - Connie Braemer Design   .   250 University Avenue, Toronto - Brookfield Financial

Philip Castleton

Philip graduated from the University of York in northern England with a degree in Sociology and Psychology (in spite of spending a disproportionate amount of time in the photographic darkroom).

He has been a professional photographer for 15 years. At sixteen his dad gave him a used Exacta SLR. All nighters in the darkroom were the norm and the infatuation has endured ever since.

Philip is at home whether shooting an industrial complex from a helicopter or arranging the set in a residential interior. Basic principles are applied to the seemingly disparate situations; his considered use of light, awareness of form and composition, the determination of viewpoint, results in images that have strong impact and convey the required message.