Photography of Interiors

Looking for interior design shoot experts? Philip Castleton has got you covered! This skilled architectural photographer can help your brand stand out from the crowd by using his experience, equipment, and sense of composition to capture your building’s interior. It’s a great way for hotels, interior designers, architects, and real estate agents to showcase their […]

Photography of Architectural Exteriors

Restoration Hardware

Top photography services for architectural exteriors High-quality architectural photography is a necessity for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors. Whether you’re a real estate agent, hospitality business, or architectural firm, you need a professional architectural photographer in Toronto to help you build a brand identity, market your business, and allow potential clients […]

Drone Aerial Photography

Using high resolution Mavic and Autel drones. We have Transport Canada Advanced Certification to operate a RPA in restricted airspace. For much of the GTA this qualification is required to legally operate a drone weighing more than 250g . $5,000,000 third party injury and property insurance. When more altitude is necessary a helicopter or Cessna is […]

Corporate, Headshot and Event Photography

Philip Castleton covers photography of the corporate workspace to provide images for business websites, annual reports, marketing brochures, trade show displays and for all promotional purposes. Toronto photographer Philip Castleton is a headshot photographer who can provide services either at the workplace or in a studio for CEO portraits, employee and team photos. Importance of […]

Industrial Photography Toronto

Photography of industrial plants and manufacturing processes, refineries, civil / infrastructure projects, institutional and recreational projects. Philip has traveled from the Gulf of Mexico shooting oil rig sites to the tar sands operations of the Canadian north. The Impact and Importance of Industrial Photography When it comes to marketing your business or rebuilding your online […]