How do you price a job?

Each project is quoted on a job by job basis, individually assessed according to the client's specific requirements and circumstances of the project. Factors such as complexity of the shoot, time, travel and image usage come into play. Philip understands the client's need to have a fixed cost in advance, everything quoted up front; fees are very fair. "My pledge is to do what is promised, deliver the best work possible, on budget, on time, period'.

Tell me about your project!

How do we get started?

If possible the shoot location is scouted out beforehand so planning and preparations can be made, ensuring that the actual shoot progresses smoothly and efficiently. Specific technical considerations are noted; permissions and permits are applied for where necessary. With shoots of commercial and residential interior spaces, suitable staging is a priority and planned in advance. The judicious and discretionary use of props adds harmony and polish to any setting. A sense of style and feeling for creative arrangement is applied to all situations.

Photography of Interiors

What about equipment?

The latest DSLR cameras are used. State of the art Apple computers, 5K monitors.
Ample strobe power, miscellaneous lighting equipment and modifiers are on hand for highly produced corporate, interior or exterior architectural assignments.

Exterior architectural

What happens during the shoot?

Client participation is welcomed during the shoot but not always necessary. Most of the time cameras are tethered to a MacBook Pro. As the shoot progresses the downloaded images are available for immediate review on the computer screen, adjustments to the subject or set can be made as necessary, and the client and photographer alike know 100% when the winning shot has been captured. The process is exceedingly efficient and provides peace of mind to everyone involved.
The use of a full time assistant contributes greatly to the organization and quality of the shoots.

About Philip Castleton

What happens after the shoot?

After the shoot there is a varying degree of digital post-production to optimize files, balance colour and contrast, check perspective and digitally 'enhance' when necessary. We feel it is an important stage which should not be rushed. Our aim is to supply strong, impeccably prepared images which impress, inspire and have maximum visual impact. We always shoot raw and process in 16bit.
High and low resolution files are delivered via FTP, typically within a week of the shoot or sooner by arrangement if there are deadlines to meet.

Are you a location or studio photographer?

Both. I work extensively on location for corporations, businesses, architects, interior designers, construction professionals and the hospitality sector. Studio equipment is transported to the client's workplace when needed for certain product shoots, or when a more formal portrait / headshot session is called for.
A large studio space is used in Toronto for people and product when the clients’ premises is not suitable.

Do you travel?

Sure, Philip travels throughout North America on photo assignments.

Can I talk to one of your clients?

Sure, absolutely. I'd be happy to supply references of recent clients. You may also visit the testimonial page to hear more satisfied clients.

Testimonial page

How about Copyright?

Copyright is normally retained by the photographer with unlimited usage for the client, and specific provisions for third party usage. Client copyright is an option that can be negotiated.

How about insurance while on company property?

Commercial insurance of $5,000,000.00 is maintained for client protection.