3 Qualities of a Commercial Photographer in Toronto

Posted on August 28, 2020

A photographer’s greatest asset is his ability to capture extraordinary pictures.. A commercial photographer in Toronto is an expert in architectural, interior and commercial photography. To be a good photographer doesn’t mean just owning the latest camera and other pieces of equipment. A great photographer is someone who has got enough expertise and experience in the field. The market is flooded with such photographers, and sometimes, it gets difficult to choose the right one for your project. The right photographer has a great sense of composition and knows when the perfect lighting is. When you are looking for a professional photographer, you must do thorough research about them and ask relevant questions. You must ask for their previous work and test their knowledge as much as possible. A photographer should be able to develop a rapport with you and have good communication skills as well. When you meet them for the first time, get to know their personality and whether or not it will suit your requirements.


  1. Should have the Knowledge

A commercial photographer in Toronto displays great photography skills when it comes to capturing  architectural structure. They must be aware of the lighting and other effects that make structural photography awesome. He must understand the structure inside out and not just point and shoot. Getting the right frame and capturing the subject is a must when it comes to commercial photography. Ask them to take some commercial sample pictures for you to test their expertise. He should be aware of different constructions and structural architecture. They must also be aware of the texture and backgrounds if you want to do a product or model photography.

  1. Should have Enough Experience

Before you shortlist any photographer to do the job for you, you must understand their experience in the industry. If they have been working in the field for a long time, you must ask for a relevant sample and previous work experience. If they have done good work in the past, they will not be hesitant to showcase their work. But, if they are a fresher, you must ask a lot of questions and test their knowledge. If they have a portfolio, try to understand if they will do a good job for your project as well. Ask for testimonials and client experiences to get a better understanding of their job.

  1. Should have Good Communication Skills

A photographer should be a good communicator apart from having relevant experience and knowledge. He should be willing to accept ideas from you and also respect your opinion. He should be able to explain to you the complicated technical terms in a simple language so that you are kept in the loop with the progress. When you first interview him, try to understand his communication skills and whether or not he is friendly. Being passionate and aggressive about work is acceptable, but an egoistic and inflexible photographer must be totally rejected. Observe his work, his personality and whether or not he is making you comfortable with his style of working.

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