Architectural Photography – Everything You Need To Know

Posted on January 21, 2023

Architectural photography is a type of photography where the photographer focuses on capturing an image of structures or buildings. It involves photographing a building’s exteriors, interiors, cityscapes, bridges, and other structures.

If you compare it to other fields of photography, you’ll see that architectural photography isn’t as dynamic since it requires the photographer to spend a lot more time contemplating a certain environment or scene. This means they must focus on capturing a high-quality image rather than using a speedy camera.

Required skills

Architectural photographers need to know how to fit an entire building into the camera’s frame, integrate composition rules, and use editing tools to make the final result look amazing. Architectural photography began around the 1870s as Albert Levy—a famous architectural photographer—began to click pictures of old buildings. Julius Shulman, a mid-century modernist in America, later photographed modern buildings as well.

 Architectural photography styles

There are two categories of architectural photography based on the location of the photograph. These include:

  • Exterior architectural photography: This captures a building’s outer structure. A building’s exterior receives plenty of natural light, which makes it easier to photograph. This type of photography is usually influenced by weather conditions and can result in a more dynamic photograph.
  • Interior architectural photography: This captures a building’s interiors. It’s a more challenging form of architectural photography since there is comparatively limited light available inside a structure. A photographer might need supplemental lighting to get an aesthetically pleasing image.

Some other forms of architectural photography include:

  • Cityscape photography: This captures an urban setup, including numerous buildings and beautiful skylines. It showcases the way that buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges are arranged within a city.
  • Skyscraper photography: This mainly deals with highlighting the majesty of skyscrapers.

Why architectural photography matters

Architectural photography can capture the intention and aesthetic of a structure in a unique and interesting way. It has a great way of capturing the design of a building that helps people appreciate the beauty of architecture. Buildings are primarily represented in the media through images, and capturing the light and shadow, surface texture, and spatial relationships can help viewers understand the vision of the designer.

Architectural photography

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