How Does Commercial Photography Increase Conversions?

Posted on May 6, 2019

Commercial photography is the first engagement channel between a product and customers. It can be the real deal breaker because people don’t buy unless they like what they see. In the digital world, 90% of information captured by the brain is visual, and photos play an important role in these statistics. They can influence a buyer’s decision and determine the conversion rates. Visual elements on your site engage visitors before they explore more and purchase a product.

Here is how a commercial photographer in Toronto can increase conversion rates for your business.
Commercial Photos Improve Buyer Touch Points

Studies say that 93% of customers purchase a product based on its images. So, the images represent the perceived value of your products. They not only communicate with the target audience but also make the written content relatable. The best thing is you don’t even need a massive budget for professional photos. With the help of an experienced commercial photographer, you can capture more leads using stunning pictures of your products.

Commercial Photos Influence Branding

The conversions happen on every touchpoint where the buyer communicates with your business. Hence, you need a consistent branding of your business in all marketing efforts, online or offline. Professional images are at the helm of this branding effort. They grab attention, invoke trust, and attract customers to learn more about the business. If you intend to form long-term associations with your customers, photos are the best tool to that end.

Commercial Photos are Crucial to Creative Strategies

Since the internet is flooded with visual content, it is hard to influence the emotions of buyers with weak and dull images. A generic photograph fails to create the right impact, while professional images can be vital to your creative strategy.

Creativity is the means to build timeless and dynamic images that result in favourable perception of your brand for driving more sales. Every image tells a story. Hence, you should use it to convey the brand proposition resonating with your target audience. And that’s where commercial photos play a crucial role.

Commercial Photos Invoke Communications

With the help of a commercial photographer in Toronto, you can fuel your online and offline marketing channels. In the decision-making journey of your customers, stunning photos can nurture the buyers. They can grab attention on a social media post or communicate through an email having an in-context image. Also, images communicate with the buyers on every level of sales funnel, be it banners, physical flyers, or online product pages.

These are some ways in which commercial photography can affect conversions for your brand. Use in-context, clear, and high-quality images to strengthen your brand identity on every channel of marketing and communications. Hiring professional photographers is a sound marketing decision in this regard.


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