Four Most Stunning Interior Design Photographs From Our Collection!

Posted on June 23, 2023

Whether you’re a realtor selling a house or a buyer going through property listings, appealing visuals are surely one of the important factors. But not many photographers can bring out the best of interior design due to their lack of expertise in this particular field of architectural photography.

Therefore, for interior design photos, you must hire a professional photographer who has attention to detail, an understanding of interior design study, and a rich portfolio to showcase. Fortunately, at Philip Castleton, we have it all!

Here are some of our portfolio’s most stunning interior design photos to delight your eyes!

The Mesmerizing Bedroom

This lavender, white, pastel-toned bedroom is among our top favourite interior design photos. Showcasing modern architecture, this bedroom is photographed at a perfect angle to subtly reflect its warmth, minimalism, and wide covered area comprising two sections.

A bedroom interior with pastel colours

The Art of Living Room

This seemingly simple photograph of an Ontario apartment’s living room is captivating in many ways. With a razor-sharp focus on detailing, such as colour coordination between the art piece on the wall and the rug, this piece speaks volumes of Philip’s creativity. Sharp edges, clear surfaces, and bright sunlight surely help bring out the best of this living room features for a real estate listing.

Modern kitchen and living room in Toronto

The Kitchen Collection

Interior design photos of kitchens may be the most common type covered in interior design photoshoots. This is because each designer and property owner loves to flaunt their shiny marble tops, solid wood cabinets, and bright light fixtures in a new kitchen.

But in this interior design photoshoot, we focused on more than the kitchen’s fixtures by giving elusive attention to the collectibles placed on the outer wall of the kitchen. And just look at the results!

Ontario’s modern apartment kitchen

The Sunroom’s Magic

Interior design photoshoots of countryside homes always inspire us. And this photograph taken of a rustic-style property in the middle of Toronto also reminds us of our passion for capturing vintage homes. This sunroom photograph perfectly captures the bright sunlight warming the whole room through large glass walls and the hues of rustic cushions on the cane furniture.

Sunroom of a rustic-style house

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If you’re excited to see the interior design photos from our collection, then check out our complete residential interior design portfolio here. We also offer business photography, industrial photography, and professional photography services for commercial interiors and exteriors. Contact us at Philip Castleton now!

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