Four Surprising Facts About Aerial Drone Photography

Posted on June 16, 2023

As is the case with everything around us, photography has also changed greatly in the past century. From traditional standstill shots to panoramic aerial views, photographs around us showcase the skill of photographers as well as the tremendous leaps in technology.

Aerial drone photography is one such offering of the modern world. From real estate photography to architectural and advertising, a vast number of industries rely on aerial drone photography to better fulfill their marketing goals.

But if you think you know everything about aerial drone photography, you’re in for a surprise. Read below for some of the most unknown facts about aerial drone photography.

It All Started with a Hot Air Balloon

In its pursuit of revolutionizing photography, humankind attempted aerial drone photography through numerous methods. Pigeons, kites, rockets, and balloons were all used to capture objects on the ground through a camera lens. However, it was French balloonist Gaspar Felix Tournachon (Nadar) who successfully photographed the ground from a hot air balloon for the first time in history.

Archeologists Used Aerial Photography at First

Today we know about industrial, construction, and architectural photography as well. But archaeology was initially the first field to use aerial drone photographs.

Aerial architectural photography at nighttime

Aerial Drone Photography is Legal

While it’s true that you need a special permit to fly a drone in Toronto and capture aerial drone photographs, photographs obtained through drones are legally allowed to use as evidence in court. So if you capture an accident through aerial drone photography, the police can use it as admissible evidence.

Aerial Drone Photography isn’t Expensive

In contrast to the popular notion, aerial drone photography is not expensive at all. Today, many photography services offer top-notch aerial drone photography at the most affordable prices. This has made it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of aerial drone photography.

All Businesses Need Aerial Drone Photography!

This may not be surprising, but it’s surely a fact. If you want to take your real estate business’s marketing to the next level with aerial drone photography, then contact us at Philip Castleton. We also provide interior design photoshoots, photography services of architectural exteriors, and business photography for events, seminars, and advertising.

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