The Importance of Quality Real Estate Photos

Posted on February 6, 2023

Once upon a time, real estate marketing was little more than flyers and newspaper ads. Today, you can take a virtual tour of your desired house without ever having to leave the comfort of your home! The internet has made it extremely important to have high-quality real estate photos since a potential buyer’s first impression of a home is from what they see online instead of in person. Homes are now getting vetted and bought without the buyer ever having stepped foot into the house themselves!

Here’s how a professional photographer can help you out!

Give buyers a better idea

A good real estate photo isn’t just a well-composed and exposed image. While these features are critical, online images need to look cohesive and work together to tell a story behind the house and give potential buyers a full picture of the home itself. Home buyers require complete transparency and want to see pictures of the house inside and out. High-quality real estate images will be able to send people on tour, through every bathroom and bedroom, through common rooms, into the garage, and around the garden.

The images have to be fashioned in such a way that it mimics how a person would take a tour of a house if they were exploring the property in person.

Guarantee faster sales

Did you know that homes that are backed by top-notch real estate images are likely to sell around 32% faster than those that aren’t? Professional images provide prospective buyers with a sense of higher quality and value. A potential client will perceive a home with high-quality pictures as much more high-value than one without. You might have to spend less time negotiating and selling the home faster. The faster you sell homes, the less time you have to spend at a showing, which frees your schedule up to entertain other clients.

Leave a good first impression

First impressions matter and a high-quality image of a home is more likely to leave an impact on a potential buyer. The primary image should be well-exposed and show off details such as shadows and highlights. It also needs to be framed properly with enough background and foreground objects to give context to the image without making it feel too small.

A kitchen with white counters

A professional architectural photographer can take top-notch real estate photos

Real estate photography consists of a combination of interior and exterior photography—both of which require their own set of skills and knowledge to execute perfectly. If you’re looking for gorgeous and dynamic pictures of the homes listed on your real estate site, Philip Castleton can help you out! He provides many different photography services, such as construction photography, architectural photography and industrial photography.

Reach out to him for more details!

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