Tips to Hire an Architectural Photographer

Posted on February 10, 2019

PhotographerjpgArchitectural photography is an intense game of creativity and technical expertise to get out a lifeless building’s aesthetics. Expert photographers know how to balance between making your building look great and functional at the same time. This is why it is very important to hire photographers who are skilled at capturing the details of a structure with absolute creativity.

That being said, if you are looking for Architectural Photographer Toronto, then use the tips in this article to find and hire a reliable one.

Meet your Photographer

It is very important to find a photographer who understands how you want your structure to be seen by onlookers. As a professional, they should be able to add depth to a 3D building in their 2D format. This is the reason a photographer needs to understand the architect and the building to get out the best out of the latter.

Try New Talent

While it is obviously more convenient and safer to work with trusted photographers, don’t be afraid to try newcomers. Sometimes they bring fresh perspectives that can really change the way you and your spectators look at a building. A general photographer with a keen eye for architecture may be able to discover and highlight new elements that makes your building look aesthetic.

Know your Budget

New photographers who are looking to gain some experience and build a profile will be flexible with the pricing. They may also be willing to pay for their living expenses while they shoot pictures. The more experienced a photographer, the higher their rates will be. So if you are struggling to keep your bottom line in check, then consider giving newcomers a chance and broker a deal that is beneficial to both of you. If you have a handsome budget, then find photographers who come with a bit of media contacts. They may be able to help you in getting your project published.

Pre-Shoot Briefing

The photographer and the architect should sit together before starting the project. Let the photographer know what you are looking for and give them the creative freedom to relay your thoughts through their art. You can also provide a list with all the elements that you want the photographer to highlight.

Follow up About the Work

One would think that the buildings are easy to shoot but they are not. One needs to experiment with various angles before they can find the one that does the job. Different photographers bring different things to the table. Therefore, you should ask them to send you some draft pictures to ensure that you are both on the same page.

When you use these tips, you will not only find a competent photographer but also a flexible one that understands your needs thoroughly. You should be comfortable to discuss the project at length with them and the expert should be willing to accommodate your needs.

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