Why Your Marketing Campaigns Need High-Quality Images

Posted on January 6, 2023

Most professional marketers know that they need high-quality images to run a successful campaign. But how exactly do these images compel us to buy certain products and services? Is it possible to exploit the potential of marketing pictures in a digital space?

A professional photographer can help you get high-quality pictures for your campaign and make a huge difference. Here’s why images are so important:

They’re easily identifiable

Pictures are easy for the human brain to identify—we’re designed to perceive the world visually and constantly crave visual input. Eyesight is extremely intuitive, and it’s natural to want to look at images more than text.

A lack of images in online content will likely be ignored—it’s around 60 times more possible for consumers to get in touch with a brand with images in its search result.

Intuitive understanding

Humans are happy to look at pictures and can intuitively understand them. We can analyze images at astounding speeds—1/10th of a second! That’s much faster than getting the gist of a paragraph of text.

When promoting a brand, it’s important to add visuals to your content—your viewers will get a much better feel of what you’re promoting. Content that’s presented along with pictures is likely to get around 94% more views than other content.

Search engines tend to favor content that has marketing pictures since they place search results containing heavy file images at the top. Choose your images wisely—the quality of your picture will also influence your viewers, and a well-liked picture might make up for mediocre content.

Emotional response

Marketing pictures and images evoke emotions in people—these emotions are much more visceral than the emotions triggered by reading stories. People usually make very strong associations between the content and emotions. When you’re choosing an image for your online content, make sure that it can invoke some emotion.

A large building

This commercial and architectural photographer can help you out!

It’s difficult to get good marketing pictures by yourself. You can use your smartphone and try your best, but it won’t give you the result that you need. Without proper training and equipment, your images will likely look unprofessional, which can create a bad impression.

If you want high-quality and dynamic pictures, Philip Castleton can help you out! Whether you have last minute-deadlines or any specific requirements, he can meet them all. His photography services include interior design photography, Professional architectural photography, and industrial photography.

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